Kerem Özal

Dear Customers, Valued Friends Of Agromec;

We live in a world in which need for stronger cooperation is increasing. In this new trading era, changes would happen in the way of trading of companies. We should act together no matter what happens by not making a concession on quality of service and product. Other way of this would harm the most important subject of trading; trust. We all witnessed safe atmosphere in trading is the most important thing for business’  well-being. Of course trust is directly connected with qualified products.

Consumer consciousness is an undisputable fact for creating quality standard in products and services. We think it is possible to provide this by raising awareness of each person in society.

Producers should raise consciousness and produce according to society’s needs and adequate quality products to create quality circle, importers and distributers should provide quality-products in the same manner.

In our opinion increasing national income depends on two main notions. One of them is education, second one is quality we mentioned. If we take these two notions as whole and stick to it, Turkish entrepreneurial will overcome troubles even if they have hard times. Today, our country is making progress in a good way in exportation. Producers who increased the quality at their products, present  “made in Turkey” slogan for a sign of quality all over the world.

We should show choosiness on importation as we have shown in exportation. Quality should be prioritized and significant for imported products. As people in this sector demands quality, quality would increase and increase. To be the significant figure in the world Turkey should be associated with the quality-products and service. Agromec will carry on its own way with this principle.

Kerem ÖZAL

Chairman of the Board

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