Salih Özal

Dear Customers, Valued Friends of Agromec;

Celebrating 60th Year in trading life Agromec, have been making progress with an innovative and improving attitude day by day in the sector to get stronger its position and to last this success journey permanent. To reach our goal we plan the future with an attitude which sees customer pleasure as irrevocable matter for our company by increasing our service quality more and more.

We live in a World in which everything changes and improves. In this “digital age” called times; as Kemal agricultural devices machinery for work industry importing and exporting Ltd. Company, we put significant amount of effort in enriching and differentiating communicating ways. In this content our institutional web site is here with its innovations for you persuading a quality-service manner.

Working techniques have been drastically changing in the World became a small village. Many concepts are being re-described. In the light of these dizzying improvements, we observe though the companies getting phase of the world continue its works, others who resist to changing and they don’t re-new themselves lose their strength and withdraw themselves from commercial life. Kemal agricultural devices machinery for work industry importing and exporting Ltd. Company that is touchstone in the sector it took part in; took the leading role in the sector by stepping forward with suitable acts for new work trends in the circle of quality.

In today’s World where competitiveness is globalized connection ways between companies are changing quickly. Commercial partner’s acting together skill and mutual understanding skill are decisive way of marketing competition and stepping ahead of competitions.

“quality-product, rational price and maximum service policy” are getting inseparable two things and indispensable for wood, gardening and hardware sector. We, as always have been, want to see you dear customers who bought our services and products as solution partners.  Dates back almost a century, has been with whole Turkey together in trading, built bridges with dearness, friendship and fraternity between customers as Kemal agricultural devices machinery for work industry importing and exporting Ltd. Company; we are decided to carry on these traditions.

Our country’s politic and economic permanency are vital especially for the sector we perform in. We wish to get benefits of this permanency’s results with you together.  We believe in togetherness’s success’s key depends on sharing experience and knowledge with each other.  For this reason, we know dear customers’ thoughts and opinions are valuable for our company and thank you for your attribution. Thanks to these experience and knowledge sharing, from now on we are closer you dear customers. In the aspect of future of the sector, the belief in not price focused approach but communication and service focused approaches would shape the future and this notion lights our way in our works.

At any time, on any subject your thoughts and offers are significant for our improvements and we act with this conscious.  Solution oriented approach and unconditional customer satisfaction are the most significant institutional principles of Kemal agricultural devices machinery for work industry importing and exporting Ltd. Company. I am deeply thankful for our service staff, customers and dear business partners who attributed us to get to institutional build-up we have today as myself and for my firm.


Wish to gain new successes together


With respects and regards.


Salih ÖZAL

General Manager

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